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1. Let's Talk

We need to get an idea of what you are looking to do in 2017, how your business works and the kind of results you are looking for. This is an informal chat which helps us start to work up some ideas for your new site.

2. Designs

Great! We want to work together, the design phase is where we bring your ideas to life and provide 3 options to discuss. From this we'll choose one to move forward with. Exciting times!

3. Fine Tuning

Time to get down to business.  We've settled on a design but now it's time to make it really work for you. We love keeping things simple and helping you find that sweet spot which helps your audience fall in love with what you do.

4. Choose Package

We use Wix to design and build your site, you'll need to select a 'Premium Package' to link your site with your domain. Premium costs between £5 - £10 per month and we can advise on the best package for you.

5. Go Live

You've checked the site, we've gone through final amends and it is linked to its domain.  It's time to go live and share your great idea with the world!

It's Your Time To Shine

From £300

Seriously! We WANT to work with small businesses and sole traders so we keep our cost low and our standards high!

With 'hosting' a basic but gorgeous site is likely to be in the region of £400, a small investment for a new site that will help you get the results you are looking for in 2017...

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